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Currently, there are no active AMBER Alerts anywhere in the United States. Do your part and get registered today to receive AMBER Alert notifications in your area.

AMBER Alert - America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response
A site by the Department of Justice that provides information on AMBER alerts, Public Service Announcements, a child safety guide, news, and a toolkit for raising ...

Criminal Records and Background Searches by Code Amber ...
Please help by adding the Code Amber Ticker to your site today. We never know when or where the next Amber Alert will be issued. Media Access Provided by Cision

CHP Amber Alert - California Highway Patrol
EVERY SECOND COUNTS. A parent's worst nightmare is a child abduction. In some cases, it's a frantic search and finding their baby gone.

NYS AMBER Alert: Introduction - New York
Information on the NYS AMBER Alert website is presented as a community service. Reproductions of information or images taken from the NYS AMBER Alert website must ...

AMBER Alert - Active AMBER Alerts
AMBER Alert, Department of Justice ... Active AMBER Alerts™ The Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs has asked the National Center for Missing and ...

Amber Alert ™
Amber Alert™ Through Proprietary rights and media recognition we retain full rights to the Name Amber Alert since Ambers Abduction in January1996!

State of Iowa Amber Alert
AMBER Plan History Iowa AMBER Plan Criteria How the Iowa AMBER Plan Works Public's Role Original Committee Past Alerts Iowa Activation Forms Iowa Missing Person ...

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Make the world safer for kids. Register here to receive AMBER Alerts.

AMBER Alert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An AMBER Alert or a Child Abduction Emergency (SAME code: CAE) is a child abduction alert system. Originating in the United States in 1996, there are now similar ...


Amber Alert

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